Tanya Balakirskaya
Mysterious. Genuine. Pure.
Music that makes this world better.
Deep, intimate, magic voice.
Frankness and warmth one cannot help losing heart to.
Love and freedom, clothed in sound.
«A bright sensation, a very personal, refined, stylish musical message. These compositions are forming up into a range somewhere next to pieces of Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, Lisa Gerrard.»
Andrey Razin
Composer, Russia

Concert Schedule

  • April 19-22 — Bremen (DE), JazzAhead participation
  • April 26 — Moscow (RU), Alexey Kozlov Club
  • May 18 — Samara (RU), "Moving Club Meets Friends" festival
  • May 19 — Togliatti (RU), "Moving Club Meets Friends" festival
  • May 20 — Penza (RU), Jazz May festival
  • May 29 — Moscow (RU), Jewish Cultural Center
  • May 31 — Moscow (RU), Usadba Jazz Festival Preparty
  • June 3 — Dubna, Limonad Loft Bar
  • June 11 — Sergiev Posad (RU), Dubrava Music Festival
  • June 23 — Gzhel' (RU), Gzhelsky Rock festival
  • June 23 — Ilyinski Pogost (RU), Art Guslitza
  • June 24 — Egorievsk (RU), Rotor
  • July 14 — Dubna (RU), Sami Dlya Sebya festival
  • August 7 — Moscow (RU), Alexey Kozlov Club
  • September 21 — Moscow (RU), Igor Butman Club

"You are the whole Universe! It's totally unbelievable. Words are powerless. Your music gives peace of mind, consolation and joy."
Alina Rostotskaya
Singer, composer
Dmitry Ilugdin Trio
Tanya collaborates with an astoundin jazz band. Dmitry Ilugdin Trio is an alliance of acknowledged musicians, whose music is filled with deep sense and phenomenal lyricism.
Each member contributes his own color into the mutual palette,
giving birth to a profound sensation of harmonius Universe.
Dmitry Ilugdin (p), Victor Shestak (b), Peter Ivshin (dr)
« Tanya's music is absolutely wonderful.»
Leo Abrahams
(UK), composer, producer
«She is extremely talented and the world needs to know about her!»
Sienna Dahlen
(CA), певица, лауреат Juno Awards
«Her strongest asset is her ability to create an atmosphere. In this regard she reminds me of Patricia Barber. They can both cast a spell.»
Thomas Conrad
(USA) columnist for Stereophile, JazzTimes
«Tanya's voice is very beautiful.
There is no doubt about that!»
Django Bates
(UK), musician, composer

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